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Over the years Walsons – Securitas India has assisted several leading corporates and organisations to reduce the risk of hiring employees with dubious background. With pan India presence Securitas provides customised background verification services through an industry’s leading web-based system extending efficient and accurate background checks.

We are a trusted source of background verification for SMEs to global Fortune 1000 companies. Globally Securitas is present in 58 countries and we are delighted to have carried out more than 30 Lakh checks, serving 400+ customers across industries including IT / ITES, Education and Institution, Telecom, Hospitality, Finance, Retail, Government & High Commissions, BFSI and Manufacturing.

Our in-depth knowledge and specialisation in the background screening process makes us the preferred business partner.

Our spectrum of services

B2B & B2G verification:

  • Pre & Post Employment Verification
  • Leadership Verification
  • Vendor Due Diligence
  • KYC (Know Your Customer)
  • Pre & Post Insurance Verification
  • Medical Certificates Verification
  • Risk and Claim Investigation
  • Company Due Diligence
  • Volunteer Background Check
  • Skip Tracing

B2C – Individual verification:

  • Self-Background Check
  • Support Staff Verification
  • Tenant Verification
  • Driver Verification
  • Matrimonial Verification
  • Loan Eligibility Verification

Our services

Pre & Post Employment Verification
Verify and mitigate your risk :

Securitas Background Screening empowers an employer to learn more about the candidates before they get into a professional association. In a competitive job market, candidates often hide certain aspects of their work histories in order to appear more attractive to recruiters. While some of these actions are obvious to the trained recruiter, true details are only possible with thorough background checks.

Residential verification

Verification safeguard against fraud

Ensure to opt for complete Background Verification of new and existing employees to keep the records updated.

Securitas conducts comprehensive physical address verification. The le ngth of stay, ownership status, landmark, picture of the building / locality, type of accommodation and other key information points are verified. Location image and geo tags are captured with the mobile app.

Academic verification

Validate academic claims

Be sure of candidate’s education history as it is one of the most commonly falsified information on a job application.
Academic records with educational institutions are verified to substantiate educational claims and professional qualification of the candidate. This also ascertains the authenticity of certificates.

Previous employment verification

Confirm work history

Thorough background screening helps in providing a safe workplace for employees.
Previous employer of the candidate is reached out to verify employment details such as claimed service period, position held, salary drawn, mode of exit, eligibility for re-hire and more. Discrepancies in employment records are common occurrence and can be avoided through comprehensive background check. As a preliminary step – company checks are also done to ascertain the genuineness of company.

Reference verification

Past performance, indicator of future performance

References given by the candidates are checked to ensure accuracy. The reference check includes factual as well qualitative feedback and is supported by an approved written feedback.
We conduct 360-degree Reference Check for senior positions and cover 3 levels of verification to check on work history.

OFAC check

Safeguard nation’s security

A database record search is carried out to verify if the candidate has been reported on global regulatory, compliance and sanctions list of The Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Exit interviews

Gain valuable feedback

Organisation value its employees and is keen to know the reason for them to leave the company. We conduct exit interviews and share a detailed analysis with the employer .

Gap verification

Unexplained gap analysis

We conduct resume verification to gain an insight into the personality traits. Unexplained or undisclosed time gap of 3 months or (as specified) between two employments or education and employment is considered a gap.

Criminal record verification

Court record check covers it all

Verification is carried out through court record search by a law firm. A detailed search is also conducted through police records.

A court record check covers running court cases, criminal investigations, civil records, financial frauds and misconduct.

Drug test

Drug users impact workplace safety

We extend the expertise of providing quick and accurate drug test verification. A full line of drug testing through professional and certified laboratory partners is carried out. Tests performed range from 5 panel up to 12 panel, or more.

A basic 5 panel test includes: Amphetamines, Barbiturates, Cocaine, Opiate, Phencyclidine.

Vendor due diligence

Is your verifier technology-abled?

Securitas conducts detailed vendor background checks covering below and more:

  • Physical verification by visiting site
  • Verifying business documents and licenses
  • Financial checks and checking business stability
  • Reference checks with business associates

Global & India record search

Accurate & fast results

Candidate is screened against specified databases to ensure compliance through World Check and other specific databases for assessing, managing and remediating financial and regulatory risks.

Leadership Verification

Leadership Verification

Top executives are the face of company. Their decisions and actions impact brand reputation. We conduct a more detailed and unconventional verification for leadership roles.

Verification Checks: Professional reference | Directorship | Social media | Integrity | Credit | Criminal |
Civil record

Tenant verification

Make decision with precision

We conduct previous residential reference, criminal record check, identity authentication and credit defaulter check to ascertain credibility.

Our expertise

  • 12+ years of industry experience
  • Mitigate human capital risk through our online application WeVerify
  • ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Technology driven processes
  • Accredited as a ‘Gold Partner’ of NSR
  • IAPBS and NASSCOM member
  • Experienced and trained verifiers
  • Proven work quality, timely delivery and assured results

Our valued customers